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Poems by E. L. Waggoner

To my mother, Cory, who was the first person to read my stories and one of the
first to push me to get them published. I have never met anyone as strong and beautiful
as you. You taught all your children to live their lives to the fullest and to reach for
their dreams. I am so appreciative of all that you have given me.

Winter Warrior

Your white coat gleams
In the light of the freezing snow
Like the light of an angels wings.

Your long, pointed teeth
And sharp, deadly claws
Follow nature's laws,
To serve and preserve
What you hold most dear.

The strength of the seams
That bind you to this world will forever show
For only a wolf could be so loyal
Revering her pack as royal.

You are as honest as the earth,
As fierce as the flame,
As cleansing as the ocean,
And as swift and cunning as the wind

The elements took great care
When they drew you near,
To withstand the hellish war
Of life's struggles, which are never fair,
Without shrinking away
Or beginning to sway.

They needed a dreamer,
Who is a majestic creature,
To push the world
To go for the gold.

You live to inspire
And we thrive because you never tire
In your need
To bring forth the best of people's deeds.

Thank you for all you have done
And all you have given
You fearless winter warrior.

Poems by E. L. Waggoner


For my talented, patient and wonderful father, Monty, who has never wavered in his belief, support, or pride in me. All the things you have done for me over the years, and all the time, energy and help you gave me with everything I have ever wanted to do means more than I could ever say. I couldn’t have a better father and I am so grateful to have you in my life!

Celtic Bear

You were there when I was born.
You held my hand as I was sworn.

You warm me when I am cold.
You’ve made me as bright as gold.

You guide me when I’ve lost my way,
And you would protect me ‘til the end of days.

Your ability to persevere,
Your heart’s capacity to care,
Are that of a Celtic Bear.

Even as I stand before you all grown
And on my own,
It is still you I sense
As I battle with consequence.

You built my conscious many years ago,
Bestowing me with righteousness,
And deterring me from wickedness,
Putting me a step ahead of any potential foe.

You are my shadow animal,
That creature that lives within me,
Pushing me forward every day.

The one that grounds me,
The one that strengthens me,
The one that roars within me,
And follows me wherever I go.

You are my father
And you’ve made me who I am
And for that,
I will love you forever more.

Poems by E. L. Waggoner


For those whose lives were touch by this summer’s wildfires:

The World up in Flames

Summer rode into town
Fashioning itself a red, hot crown.

It turned the grasslands to crisps
Leaving nothing behind but wisps.

The heat has built and built
Forcing the flowers to wilt.

The sweltering summer rays
Have caused things to begin to fray.

Lightning has acted without shame
Setting the forests all aflame.

The orange, red glow of that once vibrant floor
Has brought death to our back door.

We pray for the rains
To end all the pains,
Bringing back the vivaciousness
We were so careless with.