About the Author


Elizabeth LaRae Waggoner, EL Waggoner for short, was born in Boulder, Colorado and raised in the mountains just west of there.

She still lives in Colorado with her husband and two dogs. Growing up in the mountains cultivated her love for the outdoors.

EL Waggoner enjoys hiking, camping, swimming in the local lakes, tubing in the local rivers, playing with her dogs, and enjoying the beautiful scenery Colorado has to offer. She is interested in photography and loves spending time getting shots of the world that surrounds her.

She is a graduate from Colorado State University and has been writing since she can remember. Growing up she primarily wrote poetry, but she was always playing with the idea of short stories. She wrote the book Tiger's Eye when she was a sophomore in college. At this time she was nineteen, going to school full time and working close to full time. She currently has seven other books that she is working on, three of which are the next in the Tiger's Eye series.

Family has always been one of the most important and influential forces in her life. EL Waggoner finds herself extremely lucky to have two amazing parents, who have always supported every single one of her dreams, no matter how crazy they may have seemed. She also has the support of a loving older brother and sister. As well as the endless support she has received from her husband and his entire family. If it wasn't for all these people in her life, EL Waggoner would have never found the courage to have published any of her works.